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  4. Croc Frais Caviar de Tomates Séchées- Small Container

Croc Frais Caviar de Tomates Séchées- Small Container

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Dried tomatoes caviar
Impossible to dislike it, this recipe of dried tomato caviar is our best selling! Between olive oil and dried and crushed tomatoes, this dried tomato caviar is ideally savored for a dinner aperitif or to fill a hungry belly. With friends or family, you are sure to delight all your guests with dried tomato caviar. Real comfort for the palate, the dried tomato caviar also brings to your daily dishes flavor and originality! The south and its flavors, the warmth of the sun's rays are now coming to your home. Olive oil rich in omega 3, vegetables and herbs, in addition to offering a fresh and tasty taste, make dried tomato caviar a healthy appetizer.

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