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Phone Rental Service

We are now offering phone rental service with easy top up options online. Please click on the links below to choose your options

Phone Rental Service 

Additional Time Top Up Only 

Click on the links above to choose your options and check out. It will be a delivery service. Please ensure you register online first and choose Phone rental only option if you are not ordering grocery. 

Calling  Rates

Local calls- Dutch St Maarten- .23 cts/ min
Calls to the US- .26 cts /min
Calls to Canada-.23 cts/ min
French St Martin- .29 cts/Min

All incoming calls both international and local are free

Some FAQ questions on the service

1.  How do I use your site for phone rental service only?

a) Go online to www.shopndropgrocerysxm.com
b) Register online first and choose the group phone rental only if you are not ordering groceries .
c) Click on this link ( Phone Rental Service ) and follow the process to place a phone rental order .
  1.  By default one week rental is already selected
  2. Choose additional weeks if you need extra weeks of rental
  3. Choose top up time amount
  4. Choose data plan if required 
  5. Once all options that you require are selected checkout and answer all the required check out questions and place the order.

2. How do I get my phone?

This is a delivery and pick up service and so we will add the delivery and pick up fee 

3. What kind of  phones do you rent?

All phones are Android smart phones with both voice and data option.

4. How do I add the internet option if i want to use the internet?

You can add additional minutes and let us know you want to use internet or data by choosing the data add on option. Please note which ever you choose 10 days or 30 days maximum GB amount applies whichever finishes first.

5.  What if I lose the phone ?

A charge of $80.00 will be charged for the loss of phone and sim card.

6. How do I add additional time if I need more time?

If you run out of time you can add more time by clicking on this link or  call/text  us on the phone number provided with your rental to top up

Additional Time 

7. Why do I see a delivery and stocking fee?

Because I offer a grocery delivery service the system automatically charges a delivery an stocking fee. I have given a 15 % discount on the rental and minutes to ensure you are not charged a additional fee.

8. I am placing a grocery order do I need to sign up separately to order a phone rental?

No you can just add the phone rental along with your grocery order