1. Where do you deliver?

Ans: Anywhere on the island both on the Dutch and French side.

2. How do we contact you?

Ans: You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 721 527-0451. Our preference is that you contact us via email. We will respond back within 24 hrs of receiving your request.

3. I am already on the island, can I still order?

Ans: Yes you can order by phone or order online.

4. What happens after I place my order online?

Ans : We will send you a confirmation email with your order, delivery time and deliver your groceries. If you are vacationing on the island and have made an online payment we can make arrangements with your resort to have your groceries delivered prior to your arrival (some exceptions apply).

5. How can I pay?

Ans: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Payment will be processed via secure SSL terminal through paypal.

6. How much are my delivery charges?

Ans: We charge a flat 15% of your grocery bill. For same day delivery service an additional $20.00 surcharge is applied. Minimum order amount is $150.00. 

7. Where do your groceries come from?

Ans: We go to local supermarkets to buy our fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy, seafood and wholesale warehouses for our non perishable items.

8. How can I be certain that when you deliver my perishable items are fresh and properly cared for before it is delivered to me?

Ans: We do just in time shopping prior to delivering the items to your door. All items are store bought prior to delivery and stored in coolers during transportation to ensure freshness and safety.

9. What are your delivery times?

Ans: Monday -Sunday: From 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM . However special arrangements can be made for early or late deliveries.

10. Do I need to be there for delivery? 

Ans: No, we will make arrangements at your vacation location to deliver your groceries and stock prior to your arrival. You can also leave special instructions for delivery and we will fulfill your request.

11. What if I need an item that is not on your list can you get it for me? 

Ans: Yes. If it is available at one of the local grocery stores, we can probably get it for you. However we do not make a commitment but promise to try our very best to fulfill your request.

12. Can we request delivery for food orders from local restaurants?

Ans: This service is currently not available. However in the near future we will be expanding our services to include food delivery from local restaurants.

13. How am I saving money and time shopping with you?

Ans: Grocery prices on the island are on average 20%-25% higher than prices in the US/Canada. We get our groceries from the stores that we feel have the best combination of quality and values. However please note that this is a delivery and stocking service. As such our prices are slightly higher than the supermarket prices. Please note this is a service of convenience and such we charge a premium to make your vacation experience a worry free and relaxing one. If you are vacationing on the island we would like to take the worry of shopping for groceries, finding a local supermarket and standing on the long line ups away from you and help you enjoy your vacation in style "worry free ". The cost savings for you are more time to relax and enjoy your vacation and take the worry of not finding items you need.

14. Are your prices in US Dollars?

Yes indeed. They are in US Dollars.


15. Is it safe to shop online?


Yes indeed. Your payment goes through a https secure portal and once you have placed your order your credit card information gets erased immediately and not stored in the system.


You can click on this link to see how your payment is processed via our website. https://www.shopndropgrocerysxm.com/payment-methods. Please also note you have the option of paying through paypal.